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Sparkle Cleaners
Sparkle Cleaners

June Specials Save You $$$ at Sparkle Cleaners!

We are 100% PERC free! Our cleaning methods are the "greenest" in Tucson.

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June Savings Coupons!

**June marks the time for an abundance of savings!

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20% OFF Rug Cleaning

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Summertime Tip: How to get the chlorine smell out of your swimwear

While a dip in the pool on a hot summer's day is refreshing, the chemical smell that's sometimes left behind isn't. To get rid of the odor and to help your suit last longer, follow these simple steps, courtesy of swimwear expert and Canyon Beachwear store manager Ilene Sofferman.

Always hand-wash your suit as soon as you can after swimming. This prevents smelly bacteria and chemicals from making themselves at home in the fibers. Use a lingerie cleaner that is formulated to gently yet thoroughly clean delicate pieces. But when the chlorine smell is overbearing, Sofferman recommends using a swimsuit cleaner like Canyon Beachwear Swimwear Cleanser ($7, ). These solutions are designed to remove chlorine while restoring the brilliance of a suit's color. Pour one capful of cleaner into a sink filled with cold water (never warm or hot), then add the swimsuit. Swish it around for about three minutes. Depending on the level of odor, you can leave the suit to soak in the solution for a few minutes more. After cleaning, rinse the suit and roll, don't wring the excess water out with a towel. Lay the suit flat to air-dry.

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