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Sparkle Cleaners
Sparkle Cleaners
Give the Gift of Sparkle Cleaners' Gift Cards!
Sparkle Cleaners October Specials Just in time for Fall!
Why not gift the gift of clean clothes this holiday season?
At Sparkle Cleaners we've got an affordable easy to buy gift this holiday season: Sparkle gift cards for any denomination at 30% off, Friday, November 25–Friday, December 23. For instance, a $50 gift card would be just $35!!!
Just drop by any store to pick-up as many as you would like. No waiting in long lines or hunting for parking. Now, that's quality gift giving made easy!
December Savings Coupons!
Simply print this email and bring to any
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New clothes might be on their way to you this holiday season!
Should I wash new clothing before wearing it for the first time?

Yes, it's a good idea. Before showing off that new top, you might want to bring it over to Sparkle or run it through the washer. Otherwise common additives may put you at risk for contact dermatitis, says Hilary Baldwin, a New York City dermatologist. A pre-wear wash also prevents excess dye from staining skin or other fabrics, like upholstery. It's particularly wise to clean intimates, like lingerie and swimsuits, before wearing them. "Although it's rare, you could catch scabies or crab lice from others who have tried the garments on," says Carolyn Jacob, a dermatologist in Chicago. Rinse these items in very hot water and hang them to dry (this won't damage the fabric) before putting them on for their big debut. Thanks to Sarah Smith from
Winter Hours

Monday—Friday: 7:00 am—7:00 pm *Except Stone/Drachman
Saturday: 8:00 am—6:00 pm *Except Stone/Drachman
SAME DAY SERVICE even on Saturdays!

*Stone/Drachman Location
Monday—Friday: 7:00 am—6:30 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am—5:00 pm

Mendel's Wife the Tailor Hours *Except Stone/Drachman
Monday—Friday: 9:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am—3:30 pm

*Stone/Drachman Location
Monday—Friday: 8:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am—3:30 pm

Green Valley Hours
Monday—Friday:   7:00 am—6:00 pm
Saturday:   8:00 am—3:00 pm
SAME DAY SERVICE Monday through Friday
*Mendel's Hours Vary, please call

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