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Sparkle Cleaners is the local dry cleaners of choice for Tucson residents. We offer prompt, reliable garment care at 14 locations throughout the city and the nearby areas of Oro Valley and Green Valley. Our experienced team prioritizes the cleanliness and appearance of your wardrobe because we understand how important it is for you to make a good impression at work and in your personal life. Our budget-friendly, environmentally conscious dry cleaning services are ideally suited for busy Tucsonans.

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Our Dry Cleaning Services

Our dry cleaners offer a full range garment care services, from sweaters and shirts to jackets and dresses. We even offer specialty wedding dress dry cleaning services designed to help you preserve your cherished gown for generations to come!

At select dry cleaners locations in Tucson and Oro Valley, we offer a free 24-hour locker service to our valued clients. If you can’t get to your nearby location to pick up your dry cleaning during business hours, we’ll place it in a secure locker for you to pick up at your convenience—all at no additional cost!

All of our dry cleaners locations offer same-day service for orders that are dropped off before 9am with the exception of Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you drop your garments off by 9am, you can expect to receive them back the same day after 5pm. Orders dropped off after 9 am will be ready for pick-up the following day in most cases.

Dry Cleaners

Our Thorough Dry Cleaning Process

Here at Sparkle Cleaners, we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job every time. Each garment is cared for using the following process:

  • Tagging and Inspection – Our customer service representatives tag each garment and carefully inspect it for stains, tears, missing buttons, and other problems.
  • Stain Treatment- We use a pre-treatment process to tackle even the toughest of stains.
  • Dry Cleaning- We use green dry cleaning solvents and specialized washing equipment to carefully dry clean each garment.
  • Quality Control- After each garment is dry cleaned, we inspect it again to ensure it looks as good as new!
  • Final Touches- We press and steam each garment before placing it in a protective dry cleaning bag.


We know you lead a busy lifestyle, and we’re here to help make things easier! Download the Sparkle Cleaners Arizona app and get instant access to your personalized account. You can instantly view your past orders and receipts, and track the processing of current orders. The app also enables you to easily and quickly schedule a free, on-demand route pickup. Plus, you’ll get notified as soon as your order is ready for pickup. Visit the app store today to find out how you can get FREE credit toward your next dry cleaners service!

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Please refer to the care label of your garments to determine if they can be dry cleaned. If you’re unsure, please bring your garments to our dry cleaners and they can determine the most appropriate method for cleaning your clothes. Our dry cleaning technicians can safely test your garments for you. The longevity, appearance, and integrity of your garments are our top priorities!

Any fabrics that will lose their shape when submerged in water should definitely be dry cleaned. These include wool and cashmere garments. Even everyday fabrics like cotton and polyester blends should be dry cleaned if they are in a men’s or women’s suit or other type of sophisticated style. This is because these are more likely to lose their shape if washed in water.

The majority of fabrics can indeed be dry cleaned, but there are certain materials that cannot. These include synthetic materials such as PVC, polyurethane, and plastic derivatives. If you bring a material to our dry cleaners that cannot be dry cleaned, we will alert you to this issue.

Dry cleaning is a specialized process that does use liquids; however, it does not involve the use of water. Since water can damage certain materials, dry cleaning uses solvents to sanitize garments and remove stains.

At Sparkle Cleaners it is! We only use USDA BioPreferred dry cleaning solvents.

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s best to avoid pre-treating stains. We use specialized cleaners that effectively dissolve various types of stains, and pre-treatments may interfere with this process. It could even result in color loss and shrinkage. Instead, please point out any stains on your garments when dropping them off at a Sparkle Cleaners location.

Yes! The dry cleaning process supports your health and safety by effectively eliminating bacteria and other germs from your clothing. Both the solvents and the steaming process are germ-killers.

One common myth about dry cleaning is that it will shorten the lifespan of clothing. Actually, the opposite is true. Because your dry cleaners will use proper cleaning techniques and treat your garments with the utmost care, we can help extend the lifespan of your favorite clothes, such as by preserving its color and protecting the fibers!

The team at Sparkle Cleaners looks forward to making your life less stressful with our garment care services. Contact our dry cleaners near you by viewing our retail locations. Be sure to check out our latest coupons and special offers!