Not necessarily. The dyes and/or sizing may be solvent suitable and may require wet cleaning for best results. Yet again there may be other safe methods of processing a garment. The manufacturer is required to list only one safe method. Rely on your professional dry cleaner! With the experience, training and expertise of our dry-cleaning technicians we can properly test each of these garments to ensure that your garments are properly cared for.

On the contrary, dry cleaning prolongs a garments life. Not only do stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, ground-in dirt and soil act as abrasives, causing rapid wear of fibers. Insects are attracted to soiled clothes and cause further damage.

Absolutely! As a professional dryc leaner, we can never be sure of what types of dyes or sizing the manufacturer used. Quality standards in foreign countries are not the same as we’ve come to expect here in the U.S. If all pieces are cleaned together, the color and sheen should always match. This applies not only to garments, but to bed linens and drapes as well.

The bags we provide are intended to protect your garments until you get them home. Fabric needs to breathe. It’s best to store clothing uncovered or in fabric garment bags.

Most definitely! We are a professional dry cleaner and are skilled in keeping the dry cleaning solvent clean and pure. We are also intent on using proper drying procedures.

We offer same-day service at all of our locations if orders are dropped off by 9 am Monday through Friday. Drop offs after 9 am are ready for pick up next day after 5 pm. We do not offer same-day services on Saturdays during summer hours. (May 25th through September 2nd.)

We use the only USDA BioPreferred dry cleaning solvent on the market! In addition to our dry cleaning, we use state-of-the-art, highly efficient wet cleaning machines for wet cleaning and washing.

It’s almost always best to bring your stained/soiled garment to us before treating the spots yourself. The best bet is to let us know what the stain is so we can use the proper solution and stain removal techniques. The more information the better!

We have expert fitters at all of our Mendel’s Wife The Tailor locations to ensure you get the proper fit.