Wash and Fold Laundry

Wash & Fold Laundry Services In Tucson

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Benefits of Our Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Clean clothes, wrinkle-free folding, dye and fragrance-free! The average person spends 8 hours per month doing the laundry, you don’t have to! We’ll do your laundry for as little as $0.99/lb*

Both the Wash & Fold Club and the Green Laundry Hamper Service offer incredible benefits, including the following:

  • Contactless laundry service
  • Fragrance & Dye-free detergent
  • Wrinkle-free clothes picked-up and delivered
  • up to 8 hours per month of time savings!

Are you ready to experience the convenience of our wash and fold service for yourself? Reach out to your local Sparkle Cleaners location in Tucson or get started by downloading our android or ios mobile app!

Our Wash and Fold Club

If there is one sure thing in life, it’s that dirty laundry will always pile up faster than you would have thought possible. This is especially true for families with kids. Since you know that you’ll always need clean clothes, why not sign up for our recurrent wash and fold laundry service for one flat monthly rate?

The Wash & Fold Club includes FREE pick-up and delivery of your laundry each week (4 visits per month) for just $105 per month. And, just as the name promises, laundry folding is included at no extra cost. Imagine never having to fold your laundry again! Join the Wash & Fold Club today and discover what our members in Tucson already know: Life is easier when someone else does your laundry for you! The wash club is only available via our pick-up & delivery service at this time- try it today!

*Restrictions apply

You do life, we’ll do the laundry

Life is short. Why not carve out more time for yourself by having us do your laundry for you? Sparkle Cleaners is pleased to offer our wash and fold services to households throughout the Tucson area. Our wash and fold laundry services near Tucson include two options to suit every preference: Our Wash and Fold Club and Hamper Service. Both of these options are guaranteed to save you time and make life a little more convenient.

Our Wash and Fold Hamper Service

You love the idea of having Sparkle Cleaners professionally launder your clothes for you, but you’re not quite sure you need the service every week. No problem! Sign up for our Wash & Fold Hamper Service instead! Just purchase a Sparkle Cleaners hamper for $10.

Your hamper will hold up to 35 lbs. of laundry. When it’s full, simply submit a request for pick-up or drop it off at your Sparkle Cleaners location . You’ll pay one flat rate of $39.95, and we’ll professionally wash, dry, and fold your clothes for you.

It’s easy to check whether you’re in our delivery area. Just enter your address below and find out whether you qualify for free enrollment!

laundry bag

Green Laundry Hamper Service

Our Green Laundry Hamper Service is the most popular laundry service we offer!

One-time $10 purchase fee

$39.95 flat-rate per visit (up to 35lbs)

As low as $1.14/lb compared to our retail rate of $3.20/lb

Standard laundry, sheets, pillow cases, and towels allowed!

*Restrictions apply

Wash & Fold Laundry Service Comparison