Our Affordable Garment Care, Carpet, Tile, & Upholstery Prices

At Sparkle Cleaners, our highest priority is your complete satisfaction. That means we return every item to you in the best possible condition. It also means we strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Please refer to the following pricing charts, but do note that they reflect the base starting price, not necessarily the final cost. Due to differences from one fabric to the next, and in other factors such as garment construction, we can only quote a final price when we are able to evaluate a piece in person. This is particularly true of our alteration and repair services, as these projects vary considerably. We are pleased to offer walk-in services at all Mendel’s Wife the Tailor locations. All Sparkle Cleaners locations offer rush service as well (a rush service fee applies).
  • Pants$7.85
  • 3+ Pants$6.00/each
  • Shorts$7.85
  • Jacket$11.00
  • Blouse$7.85
  • Polo$4.95
  • Shirt$7.85
  • Sweater$10.50
  • Dress$16.32
  • Long Dress$23.50
  • Formal Dress$30.65+
  • Skirt$7.85
  • Regular Shirts$3.50
  • 3+ Shirts$3.00/each
  • Blouse: Machine Finish$3.50
  • Law Enforcement Shirt$5.20
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning$225+
  • Pants$7.85
  • Labcoats$9.00+
  • Laundry Hamper (Up to 35lbs of Wash & Fold)(flat rate) $37.75
  • Wash & Fold by Pound(3lb min.) $3.05/lb
  • Wedding Dress Preservation$315
  • Bedspread$35.75+
  • Blanket$29+/each
  • Table Linens$19.95+
  • Rug Cleaning$4.65/sq ft
  • Comforter$33.75+
  • Queen$37.75
  • King$40.00
  • Down$65.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice and do not reflect any additional charges for brands, fabric types, or garment construction.*


  • Pants: Hem$10.97
  • Pants: Let-Out Waist$34.34
  • Pants: Take-In Waist$34.34
  • Pants: Zipper$18.32+
  • Dress: Hem Straight$14.23+
  • Dress: Zipper$18.32+
  • Jacket: Zipper$18.32+
  • Miscellaneous Mending$5.70+
  • Button Replacement$1.68

Affordable Prices

  • MADNESS: Buy 3 Rooms/Areas Get 1 FREE (3 Areas $126)$126
  • Carpet Cleaning$59.99/ Room/Area
  • MADNESS: Buy 3 Areas Get 1 FREE Tile & Grout Cleaning (3 Areas $360)$360
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning$119.99/area
  • Tile & Grout Sealing$60.00/area
  • Chair/Recliner$49.99
  • Loveseat$99.99
  • Sofa$124.99
  • Sectional$189.99
  • Area Rug (per sq ft)