Saltillo Tile Restoration Services

Saltillo Tile Restoration Services

Saltillo Tile Restoration Services

Saltillo Tile Restoration Services

When properly installed and maintained, Saltillo tile can potentially last for generations. Yet, this beautifully rustic tile (sourced from Saltillo, Mexico) is rather demanding in terms of its maintenance. It periodically requires professional deep cleaning and restoration to maintain its appearance. Sparkle Cleaners is pleased to offer affordable Saltillo tile restoration services in the Tucson area. Many of our valued customers enjoy the look of Saltillo tile floors in their homes and businesses, and we’re proud to help keep these floors looking their best.

Our Saltillo Tile Restoration Services

Sparkle Cleaners offers a full range of Saltillo tile restoration services, enabling our customers to continue to feel proud of the appearance of their homes or commercial spaces. Our Saltillo tile restoration services include chip repairs and seal stripping/resealing.

Saltillo Tile Chip Repairs

These specialty tiles can sometimes develop chips or cracks. These are often caused by settling foundations or, particularly for exterior tiles, extreme changes of temperature. Falling objects and furniture being moved around can also chip the tiles. Sometimes, Saltillo tiles become chipped or develop small holes due to lime pops. These holes develop when there are small deposits of lime within the red clay.

The Sparkle Cleaners experts can use specialized terracotta repair products to fill in holes and cracks. Because Saltillo tile naturally has many color variations, it’s usually difficult to tell a difference between the repaired tile and unblemished tile. However, we do color match our repair work.

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Saltillo Tile Resealing Process

Periodically, the seal on your Saltillo tile floors will need to be removed. Then, the floor will need a new seal. How often this should be done largely depends on the type of sealing product that was used. On average, we recommend seal stripping and resealing about every three to five years. Homeowners typically schedule a resealing for their floors whenever the tile begins to take on a somewhat blotchy appearance. Another way to determine if your floors require resealing is to pour a small amount of water onto the tile. If it fails to bead up, the seal is beginning to break down and requires replacement.

The Sparkle Cleaners team will use a special seal stripper solution to remove the seal from your floor. Then, we carefully clean the entire floor to ensure that not a single speck of dirt will inadvertently get sealed into the tile or grout. Lastly, we apply multiple coats of sealer to fully protect the floor. The sealer should be allowed to dry overnight, and foot traffic should be strictly limited.

Has your Saltillo tile floor seen better days? Contact the team at Sparkle Cleaners to schedule our professional Saltillo tile restoration services for your interior or exterior tiles.

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